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How we work

The basic concept behind Dr. Pooja Gupta's philosophy to treat her patients is by providing them with Comprehensive and Customised Health care.


To begin with, 
Each individual patient is assigned a Resident Doctor, a Nutritionist, a Relationship manager, and other allied specialists ( varies as per the requirement of the treatment and all under the guidance of Dr. Pooja Gupta ).

Through a smooth procedure, the whole understanding of the Condition and associated complaints are noted before meeting with Dr. Pooja Gupta.


During the consultation with Dr. Pooja gupta, all the queries are sorted along with the Insight about the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of the Complaint along with the ROOT CAUSE are addressed and understood. 

Following that, a treatment protocol is decided for that Individual as per Dr. Pooja Gupta’s suggestions and regular follow-ups ensure that the time to time care is provided. 

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