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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental health condition that is caused by experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event. We all go through bad experiences in our lives, some worse than others and a dreadful traumatic event like this can trigger PTSD in an individual. Symptoms include nightmares, anxiety, and flashbacks of the event. Usually, when one experiences a traumatic event they are susceptible to such symptoms but they fade away with time. But even if with time such symptoms don’t go away then a person might be suffering from PTSD and should visit a doctor to discuss their situation. Recovery from PTSD will take some time and the doctor will work with you to reduce the symptoms and improve your day to day functioning. Immediately consult a doctor if you are not able to come out of a traumatic event even after a month.

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How to know if you have Ptsd?



PTSD triggers severe anxiety in people, they are always under high stress and overthink small things.


Negative Thoughts 

Patients have negative thoughts about, themselves and the world. Some feel helpless and hopeless about the future.



Many patients have trouble sleeping as they get frightening nightmares whenever they manage to get some sleep. 



Patients keep getting flashbacks of the event are not able to forget about it.


Suicidal Thoughts

Some even get suicidal thoughts as they see no solution to end this misery. Always keep in mind suicide is not a solution to any problem, human life is more precious than anything.


Change In Physical / Emotional Reactions

 Patients are usually easily frightened and are always on guard. Some even tread the path of self destruction by substance addiction or indulging reckless activities. 

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How To Get Sure

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