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~ PG-FCAH (Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik)
~ BHMS (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bengaluru)
~ PGDMDN (The Apollo University, Andhra Pradesh)


Dr. Pooja Gupta is a Registered Homeopathic doctor and a certified PCOS educator who has devoted her life to the betterment of society around the globe.

A Ray Of Light

“Talking about health should never be an issue, only when we share we get the necessary care” 

- Dr Pooja Gupta

Immediately after completing her schooling Dr. Pooja Gupta became a devout homeopathic doctor and spent the next 6 years of her existence educating herself about Homeopathy. 
Dr. Pooja Gupta star
ted her journey as a registered Homeopath and started working in  Cure Wellness Center in Meerut.

She is also the founder of NARI AAROGYAM- a clinic dedicated to women's health complaints.  

At Dr. Pooja Gupta's clinic every single patient is treated as an integral part of THE FAMILY, utmost care goes into INVESTIGATING the root cause of their health issue. 
The first step that any patient goes through is a one-on-one, in-depth conversation with Dr. Pooja Gupta where she listens to you as your own family doctor and analyses the root cause of your health issues FOLLOWED BY A DETAILED REVIEW OF THEIR DIET & LIFESTYLE BY QUALIFIED DIETICIANS, EXERCISE EXPERT

Thanks to her holistic approach she has been able to treat more than 1000 patients, the majority of whom had been facing hardships in their treatment process for years and were finally relieved of their ailment. 

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