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DIY Face Moisturizer

Say 👋HELLO to 💁‍♀️hydrated and ACNE FREE skin with this DIY moisturizer!🧴

Body: Are you tired of battling ACNE, dry and dehydrated skin? This DIY moisturizer is the answer to your prayers!

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❤️ 1 Medium size Aloevera leaf ( Big enough to give 100 gms of aloevera gel ).

🤎 50 gms Virgin COCONUT OIL.

💙 4-5 strands of SAFFRON (kesar).

💜 Homoeopathic medicines.(Any reputed brand to be purchased from any homeopathic pharmacy near you)





1️⃣ Cut 1 medium size aloevera leaf from the bottom and dip it in the water from the sliced side. ( Leave it for 2 hours ).

2️⃣ After 2 hours scrape the sides of the aloevera leaf (thorns) and extract 100 gms clear white/transparent gel from it.

3️⃣ Take 50 gms VIRGIN COCONUT OIL and mix it with the gel.

4️⃣ Put the mixture in a small grinder (the one which is used to grind the spices) and grind them to a fine paste.

5️⃣ Pour the paste in a clean and dry bowl and put 5 saffron strands in it. (Mix well)

6️⃣ Put 5 drops each from all the 3 Homeopathic medicines and mix it thoroughly with a spoon or spatula.

7️⃣ Store in a clean and dry container with a lid and refrigerate.


🎭 After use, always keep the DIY Moisturizer in the refrigerator as it does not contain any preservatives or chemicals that increase the shelf life of the product!

🎭 Make in small batches!

Consult Dr Pooja Gupta NOW! if you are tired of these PESKY PIMPLES and need a PERMANENT solution for them!

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