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DIY Face Cleanser

ARE YOU TIRED! of constantly battling acne and blemishes? 💥 Well, get ready to say hello to your new best friend: my DIY FACE CLEANSER!

It’s affordable, easy to make, and works wonders on stubborn breakouts.



🤎 2 tsp Oats powder (Made at home)

❤️ 2 tsp Mulethi powder

💙 2 tsp Multani powder (Multani mitti)


➡️ #1 :Take 100 grams of Oats in a small size grinder and make a fine powder out of it.

➡️ #2: Store the Oats powder in a dry container for future use.

➡️ #3: In a dry bowl put 2 tsp of Oats powder + 2 tsp of Mulethi powder and 2 tsp of Multani powder.

➡️ #4 : Mix them well and store in a Clean and Dry container.


🎭 At the time of application, add 2 tsp of DIY FACE TONER and make a smooth paste and then apply it all over your face and let it dry . Once dried , first wet it with little amount of water and then rub it off smoothly

🎭 This 1 time preparation will be good enough for 20 times use!

🎭 Make the final powder in SMALL BATCHES!

Say 👋GOODBYE to EXPENSIVE and HARSH acne treatments!

Follow our DIY FACE CLEANSER tutorial now‼️

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