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Leucorrhoea is a thick, yellowish or white vaginal discharge. Most of the time, it is normal to experience vaginal discharge. It serves an important function in the female reproductive system and helps maintain a healthy and clean vagina. Vaginal discharge can vary, depending on the time of the menstrual cycle, breastfeeding or when sexually aroused. However, the amount of discharge, colour or odour may vary due to vaginal infections. This condition can be quite embarrassing and can also be characterised by foul smell. Leucorrhoea can often be an indicator to various gynecological conditions and hence requires immediate evaluation and treatment.
There are several treatments available to manage leucorrhoea or vaginal discharge. Prevention and long-term control are the best way to deal with leucorrhoea. In terms of conventional leucorrhoea treatment, the medications are more likely to offer only short-term relief. Moreover, the side-effects are generally mild but long-term use of conventional treatment can cause adverse side-effects. The side-effects of conventional leucorrhoea treatment include burning, itching, vaginal discomfort and more. Homeopathic treatment is well recommended for chronic complaints and the prevention of future complications. Homeopathy has proven its efficacy in the case of leucorrhoea treatment. According to the Journal of Homeopathy, 2018, a case study showed a positive role of homeopathy in the treatment of leucorrhoea. It safely offered relief and reduced the chance of recurrence significantly.

Leucorrhoea medications in homeopathy do not involve any generic medicines. It treats a patient suffering fro leucorrhoea according to the specifics of her condition. This is because no two individuals have the same symptoms. Homeopathy does not consider vaginal discharge just as infection but as something that has deepe roots within the system of the patient. Hence, the treatment is based on a detailed case study to treat the roo cause of the disease. Homeopathic medicines treat the symptom as well as prevent the recurrence of infection


Senior Woman

I was suffering from pride and thyroid and my daily life was severely effected due to these both diseases.I used to be dull all day.A friend recommended me to Dr Pooja n thankfully I started my treatment with her.Now after 1 year of regular treatment both my complaints are completely cured n my reports are normal. Moreover I m a happier n healthier person now..I never believed that homeopathy can do such wonders..Thank you Dr Pooja for your kindness n patience to hear me..

Young Women

As an integral component of healthcare quality, my experience includes several aspects of healthcare delivery that value highly when the getting timely appointments, easy access to information, and good communication with health care beautiful journey. Thankyou Dr Pooja

Indian taxi driver

I took treatment for Gall bladder stone and was advised surgery.After taking treatment from Dr Pooja my reports came normal within 4 months .She saved me from sugery.Very nice doctor n good atmosphere of clinic staff is also very nice..

Indian taxi driver

I was suffering from PCOD from last few years and I tried many medicines and have taken many treatments but I was not cured at all I was so stressed and tensed that whether my PCOD will get cured or not then i came to know about cure wellness centre and about the treatment of Dr. Pooja Gupta mam . She is so friendly and her way of explaining disease and about the treatment is awesome . I like her friendly nature and the way she talks with Hera patient and the way she tackles the disease . At last I only want to thank her for curing my PCOD ... Thank you

Indian taxi driver

I was suffering from Psoriasis,pcos and infertility due to it.No treatment was working .Then someone referred me to Cure Homeo clinics and i started my treatment with Dr Pooja Now my Psoriasis is completely cured .My pcos is also cured and i m pregnant now after 10 years of mh marriage.Mam has given me biggest gift of my life I will always be thankful to her.She is a Very friendly doctor.







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