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Lump In Breast

A breast lump is a localized swelling, protuberance, bulge, or bump in the breast that feels different from the breast tissue around it or the breast tissue in the same area of the other breast. There are different reasons why breast lumps develop. Most lumps are not cancerous and do not pose any risk. But a regular examination is the key to early diagnosis and treatment.

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Types Of  Breast Lumps


Abscesses are usually caused by a Bacterial Infection. They are mostly painful. They are noncancerous and can cause nearby breast skin to become red, feel hot or solid. Women who are breastfeeding are more likely to develop breast abscesses.

Breast Cyst

A breast cyst is a benign, or noncancerous, fluid-filled sac in the breast. It usually feels smooth and rubbery under the skin. Some breast cysts may be painless, while others are quite painful. They are mostly found in Younger female mostly around Puberty.

Lipomas Of Breast

A lipoma is a soft, a noncancerous lump that is generally movable and painless. If fatty tissue in the breast becomes damaged or broken down, fat necrosis may occur. They may be painful. There may be a nipple discharge and a dimpling of the skin over the lump.

Fibroadenomas Of Breast

These are usually common in young girls due to Hormonal imbalance. They are abnormal growths in the glandular tissues of the breast. They are generally round, firm & have smooth borders on examinations.

How to know if you have a Breast Lump?

oval lump on breast

Easily Movable Oval Lump

A smooth, easily movable round or oval lump that may have smooth edges — which typically, though not always, indicates it's benign

Nipple discharge

Nipple Discharge

Nipple discharge that may be clear, yellow, straw colored or dark brown

Breast pain.jpg

Breast Pain

Breast pain or tenderness in the area of the breast lump

increase in breast lump size

Increase In Breast Lump Size

An increase in breast lump size and breast tenderness just before your period

enlargement of one breast

Enlargement Of One Breast

A rapid change in the appearance of one breast, over the course of several weeks

dimpling of the breast surface

Dimpling Of The Breast Surface

Dimpling of breast tissue can happen for different reasons, including inflammatory breast cancer. This is an invasive type of breast cancer.

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